What's up with the daily Uber selfies? VIPLANE


Up until last week I was usually required to take selfies maybe 2-3 times per week. I’ve now been required to do them 6 consecutive days.

Is this some kind of heightened security or is it retaliation/harassment for an AR that’s fallen to 5%?

Normally I’d ask other drivers in my market if it’s happening to them but in the past week I’ve come across very few Uber drivers.

Any of y’all going thru the same thing?

I was getting it a couple times a day for a few months, until they deactivated my account. They said “the picture appears to be of a picture”. I was reactivated several days later and required to take a new selfie.

Since taking the new selfie, I rarely am required to take a pic. Maybe once every two weeks? And the process goes much faster. It used to take quite a bit longer.

The difference was that I used to wear contacts, now I wear glasses. The picture on file had no glasses, but I was wearing glasses. The new picture on file has glasses, I rarely get the pic request.

My guess is that they are constantly using the camera without our knowledge. When it asks for the pic, it has already detected a disrepancy. Otherwise, it would be a completely useless security feature.

Or… it isnt really a security feature, just a way to throttle/harass drivers.

See if it will let you upload a new pic.

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