Uber Driver App is guzzling an astonishing amount of battery power VIPLANE


WTF is going on with the Uber Driver App these days? It’s always been a battery hog but lately its gluttony is off the charts.

In the last 24 hours Uber has consumed an astonishing 3900mA of battery power, good for 75% of total battery use of the phone. Data usage was around 175 MB which while high doesn’t explain the massive power consumption.

I’ve tested it on three phones with two different phone companies and even a 5000 mA battery loses at the very least 10%-15% of its capacity every hour. And that’s with the screens at less than 50% brightness

I’ve tested those same phones running HD Youtube videos non-stop at 100% brightness and it uses less power than Uber does at 33% brightness despite the fact that it consumed more data than Uber did.

The Uber app is malware/spyware and it certainly appears that regardless of the phone’s permissions settings the Uber app is running pretty much every damn sensor on the phone.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

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