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Safety Insurance

1830 stanley ave
Signal hill CA 90755

Phone: +1 (562) 881-5841
Fax: +1 (562) 881-5841

Managing Director: Idriss Benkirane
Registered with: State of California

Zero Tolerance Policy

VIP LANE LLC strictly adheres to the regulations as codified by the California Public Utilities Commission and as such, has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy for all chauffeurs using the VIP LANE LLC to provide service. If you suspect a chauffeur is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please ask to end the trip immediately, then call 911 or your local non-emergency assistance line. Please also report any violations of this policy to VIP LANE LLC ( as well as the California Public Utilities Commission’s Passenger Section (1-800-894-9444 and


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