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I explain to pax on a long trip that my operating costs are .75 cents a mile and I won’t get anything on the return except a bunch of short trips that could take me a week to daisy chain enough to get home, so I turn off the app as I’m tired and need to go home not drive drowsy.

So since I’m only getting .80 cents a mile pay, that’s X miles times .05 comes up to Y (say $14.56) for pay for 6 hours of driving and would they kindly tip to make up the difference. Then I suggest an amount and thank them for understanding. I explain its like a waiter job, we get underpaid so survive on tips, thus promotes good service etc. They usually cough up. $50 or $60 or so.

Some question the .75 cents a mile costs, but I explain that includes about .15 to .18 cents a mile saved to replace the vehicle as banks don’t give Uber drivers loans based upon a sole Uber income source as its too unreliable.

My bank likely would seeing how much I save and spend, but normally not.

Most pax are understanding once it’s broken down for them, many know the IRS tax deduction is about .60 or so cents a mile. It’s all if the pax doesn’t want to burn the drivers like most do being cheaparses. Why I do t do Lyft because they encourage cheapness.

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