Stop complaining, and figure out how the game is played. VIPLANE


Sometimes the truth hurts, so get ready….here it comes.

All these things you complain about here? In reality, nobody cares. The people you post to here don’t care. Uber doesn’t care. The riders don’t care.

What you need to do, is figure it out for yourselves, and find a winning game plan. Try different strategies, and see which ones pay better. Hone your people skills, and try to see every rider as a potential winner, if you can just find the code. Do little things to make the ride the best the rider has had ever. I’m not talking about free snacks. I’m talking about nice music for older riders. Upbeat music for the younger crowd. Friendly conversation, but only if the rider is in a talking mood.

I had a ride the other night, that paid pretty good. After the ride was over, I got a tip that was over 150% of what the ride paid me. The guy was a pilot, and I talked with him about my Grandfather, who designed Fighter Planes in WWII. I guess it hit a good vibe with this guy. I thought he enjoyed the conversation, but I had no idea he liked it THAT much. Wow!

So vent as you must, but put some effort out, and do the job like it means something to you. It comes back to you after a while.

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