Spiteful vindictive Uber is doing "nyah nyah nyah you can't have it" childish order-baiting taunts on Trip Radar VIPLANE


Given the fact that my AR is usually under 10% and that Uber has a “two declined offers and you’re out policy”, I get kicked offline a LOT (“timed out”).

The constant timeouts are bad enough, but obviously not bad enough for Uber.

Now they’re using the Trip Radar as a way to be even more petty, spiteful, vindictive, and childish.

For the last week or so they’ve been engaging in order-baiting with Trip Radar.

Normally when I get “timed-out” I get kicked off in anywhere between one and three seconds. But lately some of the timeouts have taken 10 seconds or more before I get kicked offline. In several of those delayed timeouts there’s been a somewhat half-decent offer on Trip Radar. I doubt that those trips even exist.

On at least a few occasions I’ve clicked on those Trip Radar offers and it goes into its usual “limbo” mode while the algo “decides” which driver to give it to. After several seconds of limbo I ALWAYS get kicked offline.

What kind of bonus did the sociopathic scumbag get who thought up this new mean-spirited tactic.


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