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Do any of you ever encounter restaurant staff directing you to “confirm” pickup by withholding the food until you show them on your phone app screen that you’ve slid from the pickup screen to the customer delivery address screen? I’m in the Philly market. Several restaurants’ staff tell us to do that. Recently, I’ve begun to blow off some of their requests/ demands.

What is their purpose in making these requests/ demands? Do they think that procedure absolves them if the customer says the driver never delivered to them?

What I dislike is this procedure skips past the driver’s rating of the restaurant with thumb up or down (and reasons). I enjoy bashing restaurants with negative feedback when they deserve it, even if Uber unlikely will do anything about it. It’s my primary consolation for putting up with some of these places, short of declining or cancellation.

I recently considered a solution to rate them first, then slide the screen for them, and pick up the food. I doubt they know, care, or take the time to notice that my screen would show them a thumbs down with my reported issues. They’re usually too busy for that sort of thing.

The one lady asked me to slide my screen for her. She already had given me the order. I replied, “No, that’s alright” and i left to deliver it.

Most recently, I had two orders at the same slow soul food restaurant. They have a “help wanted” sign on the door for all types of staff because the place is a dive. They also have a sign requiring everyone to wait out on the sidewalk due to COVID-19.

I waited in my car for awhile. Then I joined the huddled masses. The lady eventually gave me one order after calling out the name (“Andre”). Notably, she did not ask me to show her that name on my phone screen. The one for “Gary” wasn’t ready yet. I put the one order for Andre in my car, waited for another stretch, and returned to the huddled masses.

The lady was putzing around inside the restaurant and ignoring us. I walked up into the doorway and saw her table inside with a tied bag marked “Gary.” I called out to her that I can take that order off the table. She refused and told me to go back outside!

She turned her back to me. I went and grabbed the bag anyway. She turned around, ran over to me, told me to give bag the bag, and I did! She claimed she was “busy” doing something else when I asked her what her problem was. She proceeded to get smart with me, saying something about my mother not having taught me to do things like that.

Then, to make more show out of it, she asked to see my app screen for “Gary.” I showed it to her. She asked me to slide it to the delivery address screen. I refused, waved her off, and returned to my car. She told me she will get another driver anyway. I kept walking. I canceled my pickup for Gary for excess wait time. The delivery drive for Andre was like 25 minutes anyway.

Next day, I called Uber Support to complain about the restaurant and the procedure to demand sliding the pickup screen before I rate them. Support gave me a $5.00 credit for the cancelled order for Gary and claimed they would investigate this question for me. Never heard back from them on that. I’m satisfied with the $5.00 consolation and my belated notion just to rate the restaurant pre-pickup rather than waste my time bickering and declining pickups.

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