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I’ve had a lot of Indian business travelers – consultants or whatever – low rated, 4.7 range- and they’re perfectly friendly, courteous, and better than half have always tipped me. I’m a white guy.
Sometimes if I get a low rated pax and we have time, I’ll ask if they take cars often, what have their experiences been, etc. I hear often cars smell like smoke or weed, driver can’t speak English, driver is rude, doesn’t know the area, asks for cash for tolls bc they don’t have ez pass/doesn’t take toll roads leading to much longer trip. Drivers don’t want to put the AC on in 90° heat in summer. It’s all over the shop.

Sometimes you can tell why people have low ratings. Backseat driving, weird comments, playing music w/o earbuds. I’m a pretty hard rater as a driver.

I’m surprised, but not surprised, how many drivers I see smoking cigarettes in their cars. That smell just doesn’t go away.

Of course they need to rethink the rating system, it’s slanted towards passengers, we have to rate on the spot but pax can rate later.

I had a Comfort as a pax a few months ago. Highlander showed up kind of dirty on the inside. Windshield cracked straight across. A big crack I didn’t notice right away as it was raining. Had the phone on his lap and he’s looking down at it continuously, a simple 1.5 mi trip with one left turn. He got 1* and a report for safety, as I would expect to be if I drove my vehicle with any kind of damage.

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