Radar trip ridiculousness! Make it stop-make it stop!!! VIPLANE


Ok, so FUber’s now infamous “radar trip” feature got dash into my market less than a month ago and yours truly is ALREADY super annoyed with having to listen to its incessant chirping, then seeing them all stacking up (because no one wants them!) in blue on the bottom of my screen, at times 4 or 5 of them all at once (as if I would want to click and scroll through 5 of garage trips), then of course most (if not ALL) go unclaimed so they quickly morph into full on “pings” (same trash pick ups) which get replaced by even worse “offers” below in “trip radar”, some kinda insane merry go round…the only reprieve is when the app punts me off after declining too many of these rubbish rides, but immediately I log back on “trip radar” starting chirping non-stop and the whole things starts all over again. Make it stop…make it stop!

Does anyone, aside from Dara and his legions of minions (many of whom hang out on this forum and harass drivers), actually like “trip radar”?

How many “trips” do you people see accumulating at a go on your “trip radar”? I think I once got up to like 6 all lined up and making noise (no takers!)…but commonly I’ll rack up like 4 or 5.

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