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I tried morning driving today. I usually work evenings and through the night.

3 pickups had small children 5 years and younger that by law need to have child car seats.

I told them it’s illegal, are they going to pay the ticket if I get pulled over, and I’m not risking their children getting hurt, and cancelled the ride.

Is this a common problem with morning pickups ?

This sounds like a Florida problem to me. I’ve had this happen 3 times in a ROW.

In the state of Florida technically the ticket lands on the parents. But will the cop know this?

however manslaughter or reckless edangerment can still fall on you.

this is issue is much more common with XL in my market than X. It’s particularly bad around Disney.

By the way if you are in Florida the ticket ispoint ticket, meaning if you get one it impacts your insurance. It also counts towards deactivation like speeding tickets or even license suspension.

admit fault and try to get the cops to downgrade it to a seatbelt ticket instead.

the better solution is to keep doing what you are doing. If you arnt Florida i dont know the specifics on the ticket.

If you are Orlando I reccomend getting a car seat and having Uber
“upgrade” fares to x+ car seat or xl + car seat. The min on them is $7.50 higher. Which over doubles many pings.

There is also an Exemption for driving in an “emergency”

this would only apply to us in the event we are transporting a party to the ER, or out of an unsafe environment. Basically you would have to be able fo stand in front of s judge in court and say that you needed to drive them right there and now.

None of the other excemptions apply.

Regardless of your location people will lie. They have told me all kinds of false things trying to convince me to take them.

“they can sit in my lap” -no they can’t.

They are over 3- “well that’s funny, because the law says 5 or older

It doesn’t matter for an Uber/taxi- yes it does….

I’ve been dealing with this for 12 years now. Guess what…. The frequency of it hasn’t changed in 12 years. It’s just as bad as it was back then. Only difference is the 3-4 year olds from 12 years ago have taken up drinking and become teenage moms since then…

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