I think the Destination Filter is being depreciated VIPLANE


Same thing occurred with the Around You map on the rider app. It disappeared, then reappeared, now it’s permanently gone.

Ditto with the DF buttons, in both areas, just gone, then a reinstall fixes it, then suddenly gone again, reinstall fixes it. Rinse and repeat.

I initially attributed it to a bug, but it might be active depreciation of the DF.

Ive noticed perhaps the algorithm has been tweaked to learn ones behavior a bit, like returning straight home after a long trip and is leaning towards giving a driver a long trip(s) going back in that direction.

I’ve also noticed this a bit on shorter trips as well, I’ll get trips heading my way if it has one.

So it might be they are trying to reduce deadheading and the reason why drivers are Stopping New Requests to avoid getting undesirable trips.

It seems stupid that I take a long trip to the airport and can’t take nothing back towards home of a decent length. Can’t set a DF at the airports neither.

So maybe the reports others are saying here that DF is being problematic is really its being depreciated somehow, perhaps morphing or being an only higher tier privilege.

Right now it appears they are just whispering in our ears, gently tilting us into position, getting the lube ready…

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