How to increase your tips. VIPLANE

It’s a nice gesture however personally I think the stickers would be as far as I would push it. Putting food into somebody’s bag might be a little encroaching on ones space.

Most of the time when I order, my bags are sealed to where you can’t get into them so where exactly is she going to put it except for just laying it there or arbitrarily setting it on top or something realistically unpleasing.

Maybe using the sticker and sticking the bag to the outside of the bag but still, I do believe that the bag of goodies is unneeded.

The sticker does show initiative to at least you’re willing to put back into your business and say thank you to continue the process of the delivery. Now the statement about the tips and rating is questionable because that sounds like you’re pandering.

I would be more appreciative as customer to see just the sticker. It shows effort.

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