How can one single driver have this much power? (LYFT ALGO-MANIA!) VIPLANE

As some of you may have seen, I made a post yesterday about a bizarre $75 fare for a routine 40-minute airport run out of my neighborhood that normally would pay about $25 to $30: Somewhat bizarre start to the day with Lyft

I figured out that Lyft is significantly up-charging people near my house by literally hundreds when making a request around 3:00 am to 5:00 am.

Well this morning, I tried to see if I could duplicate that successful start to the day, and when I logged into Lyft as a rider from home, I saw that they were indeed still charging $150 to $230 for Lyft drivers to pick people up and bring them to the airport at this odd hour.

So I log into the driver app, hoping to score another big cash grab, however once I logged-in, I saw that all the Lyft rider prices dropped, like immediately, back to the normal range I would expect them to be ($40 to $50).

I figured there is no way it did that just because I myself logged in, but I tested this line of thought by logging out, and low and behold, the prices jumped back up to $180+ range. I did this again, back and forth several times, and each time it worked.

I don’t live in some wasteland, rural area either, so it’s not like drivers would have needed to drive 2+ hours to pick up pax; so back and forth, back and forth the algo goes, determining whether or not to charge a customer an additional $150 based on the mere online activity of one single driver.

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