Grandma did not want pay for COD, and Dasher lost his sweat $$$ because Dasher did not collect. VIPLANE


My nightmare about doing COD just comes sooner than I expect.

Have no problem with COD orders in the past even if only did a few times. Thursday night, got another COD on some pizza order. Arrived at address, call was not answered, so I went knocked on the door. A young female over 20 YO answered the door. Explained I’ve a COD order for the pizza. She said It was a guy ordered and he was not there and she added “Don’t know why he use grandma’s name to order a COD….”

So I texted to document the failed COD in app. wait 5 more minutes, do the self help on app and mark “I did not collect the COD amount”, App responded and text disappeared so fast that I was not able to see the complete text except the first paragraph that said do not give out the order.

I returned the food to store and the feeling was bad not able to collect the COD amount (plus what tip if there is any).

Called the support, the only answer is they will document the case, but where is my money they took from my earning for the cod amount?

Store said they will cancel the order, but not give the money the App deduct from my earning.

So I got paid $3.xx and Lost $25.$$. Waste half an hour on this nonproductive deal.

What a reward for trying to serve the community!!!

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