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Really? You mean you’re still able to make decent money with GrubHub?

I’ve given examples here and there but yes, it varies every day and every week but on average GH is my large source of deliveries income in my (usually) high-miles rural market, followed by UE and DD, which used to be #1 is now a pathetic joke.

BTW what you got is not a “true triple” but a double with add-on. I’ve learned not to do UE doubles anymore because they hide essential info such as the second restaurant but I do take them occasionally like yesterday in fact, with a $33 double for 12 miles. Like for you they tried to offer a third one when I was en route but that one was crap and all the way across county.

The only true triple I ever got from UE was as awesome as it was odd. The screen was completely different and the job was $39 with pickups at just one fancy place for three customers downtown over only 8 miles. The food was ready (!!!) and I polished that one in about 20 minutes. Also, full pay was instant after last drop. No 1-3 hours wait to see if the tip will even get paid. I couldn’t believe it.

On an insane bad-weather night last fall, I got a quintuple from GH but the last 2 accepted offers vanished when I got to the 3rd pickup, even though they were at the same place..

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