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How can one single driver have this much power? (LYFT ALGO-MANIA!) VIPLANE

As some of you may have seen, I made a post yesterday about a bizarre $75 fare for a routine Read more

Too many rider has requested scheduled ride VIPLANE

I am getting so many – like around 30 a day – “ rider has requested scheduled ride “ recently. Read more

Stop complaining, and figure out how the game is played. VIPLANE

Sometimes the truth hurts, so get ready….here it comes. All these things you complain about here? In reality, nobody cares. Read more

Flex @ sheetz $1.85gal!👍 | Uber Drivers Forum VIPLANE

I don’t recall the source or the exact number but my recollection was that you’ll get about 10-15% lower mileage Read more

Rideshare Transparency Act | Uber Drivers Forum VIPLANE

Does anyone have any news on this subject? Would there be others that would like to see this in their Read more

Radar trip ridiculousness! Make it stop-make it stop!!! VIPLANE

Ok, so FUber’s now infamous “radar trip” feature got dash into my market less than a month ago and yours Read more

why I always thank my riders for tips VIPLANE

pax don't have to tip and it's because many do that my earnings are anywhere near what they are.. I Read more

SERIOUS QUESTION from a dedicated food delivery driver on the platforms… Why are Amazon Flex Drivers such bottom of the barrel people? VIPLANE

I work doing all the food delivery platfroms. Been doing this a long time. Been on the forums a long Read more


Not all Drivers are getting BOOST+ offered 😡 Why? Source link

Trigger Alert: Angry GenX Woman’s message to DD/UE VIPLANE

Hey, Dipshits! How ya doin’? Now we know you don’t give a crap about us, but I have an idea Read more